The Marriages
Tasting Plates - Cheeses + Wines

Choose the theme according to your desire

Les Passionnels

Strong cheeses for an explosion of flavors in the plate, and intense pleasure.
"I love you ... Me neither!"
For who ? People who love wine and cheese with real character and strong personalities.

Les Fusionnels

Soft cheeses, in perfect harmony with the wines. In these marriages, wine raises the taste of cheese, and vice versa.
"I already miss you..."
For who ? People who like cheese rather soft and easy to eat; the flavors are subtle and complementary.

Les Voluptueux

Creamy cheeses. Wines will sublimate their flavors.
"I love you ... Oh yes I love you"
For who ? Amateurs of creamy, melting and flowing cheeses.

Les Capricieux

Goat cheeses. Not easy to marry with wines; but when it works, it is for the best!
"Yes but I do not want!"
For who ? Ideal for people intolerant to cow's milk, goat cheese is reputed to be the least fat.

Les Chouchoux

Selection of our favorite marriages
"We love them all!"
For who ? People who like any kind of cheese, or want to discover them. You will have passion, melting, voluptuousness and of course some caprices in the same plate.

Les Infidèles

Charcuterie plate
"I'll be late tonight ..."
For who ? People who do not like cheese, but accompanied their cheese-loving friends anyway. You will get excellent charcuterie with 2 glasses of wine.

Choose the size according to your appetite

Les Épicuriens – 6 marriages
6 wines (4 cl) + 6 cheeses

29 €

Les Petites Faims – 4 marriages
6 wines (4 cl) + 6 cheeses

22,50 €

L'instant Petit Crus
1 glass of wine with cheese

Glass of wine price + 3,50 €

You'll also find assortment of tapas with cheeses, charcuterie, and glass of wines.

At "Les Petits Crus", you can also buy wine and cheese to take away.